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House of Blues and Jazz                                 Harvey Thompson & Band.
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Performing street art
Values for your life.
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Photograpy in high resolution. Every photo is available for a high print quality and blow up..
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The photographs are neither distributed by a publisher nor are they available elsewhere. The number pf prints is strictly limited. Each print is numbered and signed.
10 portrait Shootings you should know Hangzhou
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Scop is one of the finest addresses for Photography in Shanghai. A gallery portrait…
Photo Reportage Where Chinese couples love to drive for wedding photography in Shanghai
Street Scene Collection January 2022
Shanghai Bund Story
Performing Jazz Art
Berlin 2008 Street Art knowledge
Entry into an unknown field
Performing street dance If a professional ballet dancer practise in a park
Fujing Park
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Yongfu Temple
West Bund Scater
Head Shot Promotion 2022
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Starbucks Art Project Period 2022